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Aug 10

I love that feeling of achievement when I finally finish a layout. You know that moment – the moment when you can finally step back, admire your work and show it off to your family and friends!

But all too often it has taken hours of experimenting, procrastinating and shuffling things around to get to that point. And once you get there, you’re not always sure that you’re happy with it. Sometimes things just don’t seem to gel like they should and you can’t figure out why.

That’s why I just can’t get enough scrapbook sketches!

Scrapbook sketches show you at a glance, how to put a spectacular layout together. They show you what elements you need and how to arrange them. There’s no more wasting time trying to figure out what works (and what doesn’t work). You know your page is going to look sensational before you’ve even started!

And they are so easy to follow, even if you are a complete beginner.

But what I like most is that even though they take away the often hard and frustrating part of trying to plan a layout, they still leave you free to experiment and play with colours, patterns and embellishments to make the page your own.

Even if someone else uses the exact same sketch as you, your pages will look completely different as your own personal style and flair shines through.

One collection of scrapbook sketches I think every scrapbooker must have is the 500 Scrapbooking Sketches. It is the largest collection of sketches I have ever seen and they are all organised by the number of photos they feature so it’s easy to find a sketch to suit any layout.

It also features lots of useful tips and information to help you create beautiful pages of your own quickly and with ease.

I think 500 Scrapbook Sketches is an absolute must have for someone who really loves scrapbooking and is either looking for some shortcuts or is always on the lookout for that fresh spark of inspiration.

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